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Out of Pocket Prices

Abscess incision and drainage $199
Aerobic bacterial culture $10 
Ankle air splint $30 
Bacterial Vaginosis testing $75 
Blood draw charge $25 
Burn/wound evaluation and treatment $199 
Complete metabolic panel  $35 
COVID19 testing and management $119 
COVID19 testing/no symptoms  $79
Crutches  $65 
Doctor's visit  $119 
DOT physical  $99 
Ear lavage $199
EKG  $75 
FFS maximum charge for visit. $250 
Flu shot  $45 
Follow up visit/same issue  $55 
Foreign body removal  $199 
Glucose fingerstick  $10 
Hemoglobin A1C  $35 
Hemoglobin and Hematocrit  $25 
Hep A Vaccine  $90 
Hep B vaccine Engerix   $65 
Hep B vaccine Heplisav-B  $135 
HPV vaccine Gardasil9  $250 
In house drug screen  $35 
IV fluids first bag  $99 
IV fluids second bag  $55 

Knee immobilizer  $45

Lipid panel in house testing  $35 


Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine  $120 
Meningitis vaccine Menactra  $130 
Monospot  $35 

Metabolic Panel $35
Nebulizer treatment  $75 
Pneuomvav-23 vaccine  $299 
Post-op shoes  $25 

Pre-op physical $119 (does not include X-ray, EKG or send out labs)
PPD placement and read  $119 
Urine pregnancy test  $35 
Rapid flu a/b testing  $35 
Return visit same complaint  within 2 weeks $55

STD Testing $199
Shingles vaccine Shingrix  $240 
Sling  $25 
Splinting procedure for fracture  $99 
Stool guaiac testing  $20 
Suture placement  $199 
Suture removal  $45 
Tetanus vaccine tdap  $85 
Urine dipstick  $35 
Varicella vaccine Varivax $145 
Wrist splint  $30 
Xray  $85 
Ace bandage  $7.99 
School physical   $119 
Sports physical  $119 
Rapid strep  $35 
TB skin test  $35


  • Out of pocket fees are due at the time of visit.

  • FFS maximum charge for visit. $400 ( does not include X-rays, EKG or send out labs)

  • If you become a member for $55 a year you will have a 20% discount in all services and products we offer.

  • Medications, reusable supplies and additional services priced separately.

  • Send Out labs will be billed by outside Lab.

  • Fee for returned checks is $35

  • Check payments will not be acceptable from an individual who has previously written a check with insufficient funds.

  • MEDICATION DISPENSING NOTICE: We dispense our medications at low cost retail price, not covered by your insurance. Between $5 - $20 per medication.
    You have the option to fill your prescription at your pharmacy and are not obligated to fill your prescription at Premier.

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