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We are now offering: Family Nurse Practitioner Student Rotations: 

Premier Health Express currently has a preceptor agreement with Maryville University, Walden University, and Chamberlain University Nurse Practitioner Programs. However, each of the preceptor practicum is individualized and based on availability.  Prospective students who are interested in performing family, pediatrics, urgent care, and internal medicine rotations must submit individual online request forms for each rotation and must follow the deadline/notification schedule.  
Premier Health Express has an affiliation agreement with University of Maryland School of Nursing for their nursing school student to have an enriching clinical experience through family medicine, pediatrics, urgent care rotations, and community outreach programs rotations.  All students must work through the school of nursing faculty for assignment to each rotation within the specified deadline/schedule notification.  

Summer semester
(Any start between May 15, 2019 – July 31, 2019)

Deadline to submit online request form: February 28, 2019
Notification: March 31, 2019

Fall semester
(Any start between August 15, 2019 – December 31, 2019)

Deadline to submit online request form: May 31, 2019
Notification: by June 30

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Smiling Nurse

Clinical Placement and Notification

  • For each semester request form submitted, a student will receive an email regarding the assignment of a preceptor/program or the lack of availability of a preceptor/clinic site by the notification date.  

  • Following submission of all required documentations, the student will receive an email of receipt of documentation and request to schedule an interview with site medical director or coordinator.

  • Once the student is assigned to a preceptor, they will receive the address and contact information of the student coordinator and preceptor's name, credentials and contact information of the preceptor.  

  • The student should immediately contact the student coordinator or assigned preceptor to introduce themselves and discuss a schedule based on the preceptor or clinics’ availability.

Required documentation for clinical rotations:


  1. University Preceptor Practicum Authorization Form.

  2. Curriculum Vitae of FNP Student.

  3. References (2): one from the school and the other from employer or colleague that can vouch on your work performance and ethics.

  4. Please send documentation to:

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