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Opioids Treatment

Journey to your personal REVIVAL


“Each time you fail, your brain grows and form new synapses.  

Sometimes your greatest conquests come from not never failing; but getting-up every time you fail and not allowing your past to steal the opportunities of today and your purpose for tomorrow—revive”.   

Dr. Samuel  Nokuri MD

Opioid Crisis

You are not alone.

Together we can fight this disease

The opioid crisis has reached unfathomable levels with opioid overdoses killing more than 47,000 people in 2017, and 36% of those deaths involved prescription opioids.  

We can no longer pretend or downplay the impact this is having on our communities and especially teens. 

The truth is most addict sufferers are not capable of achieving complete recovery or control on their own.  

They need our help and with better and more tolerable medications like Buprenorphine—in addition to counseling and a supportive community—treatment and recovery is possible.

Opioid Addition: The disease

Like most chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, opioid addiction is a chronic disease as well.  
Repeated use and misuse of opioids affect the brain reward center leading to: 

  • increased tolerance (needing more drug to obtain desired effects), 

  • dependence (where stopping the medication leads to sickness-withdrawals), and 

  • addiction (overwhelming desire for the drug called craving and compulsive use in spite of harm or consequences).

Opioid Treatment: 

While opioid addiction cannot be cured, management of recovery is attainable.
Most people can regain a healthy and productive life with support from the right treatment program, treatment team, and a community that supports them (seminar and group therapy).

A good opioid treatment program not only helps through the challenging periods of withdrawals, and craving, but works on prospective and willpower to resist abusive drugs and other harmful behaviors.  

Ultimately the goal is to embark on a course of nonaddictive thinking and healthy lifestyle decision making—in other words, journey to recovery! 

Premier Health PROGRAMS

- Revive Opioid Treatment Program

At Premier Health Express, our mission is to provide quality and affordable health care to all the underserved, because we believe in taking care of our communities.  

We understand that most people cannot do it all on their own and need sustainable help.  

Our revive treatment program begins with an assessment by a clinic provider who will conduct a health assessment and physical exam; followed by a drug test (usually urine drug testing) for other abusing drug; and liver function test to make sure you’re safe to take buprenorphine.  

Once that is done, you and your clinical provider will decide together which treatment plan will be suitable for you.

- Revive Individual and Group Counseling Program

Medication treatment with counseling and supportive community provides outcomes and more impact in the treatment of opioid addiction than medication alone.  

At Premier, your initial session will be with a counselor one-on-one in person, followed by a telemedicine session a week after you begin treatment therapy.

We also offer group counseling and seminars through the local health department which will allow you to develop connections with others for group support and develop healthier patterns or skill sets to manage and sustain your recovery.  

Sometimes, family and friends are equally impacted and may need counseling as well.  Revive offers counseling and support groups for family and friends.  We have found our family and friends counseling sessions to be invaluable, encouraging, and supportive for loved ones undergoing or to begin treatment therapy.

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