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10 Non-Diet Related Ways to Detox

Feeling sluggish and fatigued? Suffering from hormonal imbalances, acne, weight gain/loss, frequent headaches and stomach issues? These could be signs that your body is overburdened and in need of a break.

Our bodies are our warriors to the outside world. Everything from what we eat, to the air we breath, to the products that come into contact with our skin, are absorbed into our bodies, filtered and excreted. But with the world we live in today, you can only imagine the amount of work that takes place in order to keep our bodies functioning.

Our liver is the master detoxifier; performing over 500 different roles in order to help our bodies thrive and work properly. So when we’re overloading our bodies with different chemicals, additives and toxins, there’s nothing better we can do than give this beloved organ the support it deserves.

So, thinking of doing a detox but have know idea where to start? Because there are so many types of juice cleanses, diets and supplement programs on the market, choosi