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7 Healthy, Fun Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids

Have you already heard the phrase “I’m bored” from your kids this summer?

Don’t let summer be boring. There are plenty of fun-filled activities to keep the whole family busy and healthy at the same time.

When kids are out of school (plus home more than ever due to COVID-19) and looking for things to do, you have an opportunity to lead by example and show your family that living an active, healthy lifestyle is important.

Children aren’t likely to change their diets or activity habits on their own.

Children aren’t likely to change their diets or activity habits on their own. In fact, one in three kids is now considered overweight or obese in the U.S. As parents, it’s up to us to make it easy for our kids to make healthy choices. Creating simple healthy habits will go a long way to helping your family embrace a healthy summer.


  • Reducing the amount of junk food in the house

  • Having healthy snacks readily available

  • Limiting your children’s screen time

  • Scheduling active family time

  • Maryland has so much to offer during the summer months. Take advantage of the slower pace of the season and lead by example, teaching your kids some new healthy habits. You may notice the added benefits to your health too!

Below are 7 healthy activities you can do with your kids this summer:

Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Gardening 2

Plant veggies (cucumbers, peas, tomatoes) or herbs in a garden or large pot. Your kids can help tend to them, water them, watch them grow and eat them when they’re ripe.Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Bike Ride

Take your kids for a bike ride in a different neighborhood using maps to learn about navigation. Tote along a healthy picnic lunch and stop in a park for a break partway through your ride. Michigan has some great bike paths for you and your family to explore.Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Jump Rope 2

Master the jump rope. Games, songs, twirling techniques – proof, once again, the simplest toys can provide hours of fun! Here is a helpful video with some tips to get you started.Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Dance

Dance in the rain. Surprise your kids by taking them outside during a gentle summer shower. Dance around in swimsuits, catch raindrops in your mouth, and jump in all the puddles.Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Car Wash

Hold a car wash. Park your car in the driveway and let your child give it a good scrub with a pot of soapy water and a garden hose. Maybe initiate a weekly wash where neighbors can take advantage as well, staying safely inside their cars for social distancing. Perhaps a way for the kiddos to earn a little spending money?Priority Health - Personal Wellness - Fun Summer Activities - Jump Rope 2

Geocaching is another great outdoor activity. You might be asking what is geocaching? It’s basically the world’s largest treasure hunt – learn more about the sport and where are good places to go geocaching in Maryland.

Go swimming at a local pool as they begin to open up, a family member or friend’s pool, or a nearby lake. Swimming is great physical activity because it uses almost all of the muscles in the body. There are also plenty of water games you can play at home with simple supplies like a hose, water bottles and even sponges!

Enjoy this time with your family. Summer is the shortest season of the year, and in Michigan we wait all year for it to arrive. Incorporate some of these activities and create memories to last a lifetime.

Story by Thinkhealth

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