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Supporting Children and Adolescents Isolated due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a major epidemic. However, relatively few children have been directly affected and, if they are, cases have tended to be mild. Of all the cases reported, a little over one percent have occurred in youth ages 10-19 years and a little under one percent in children ages 9 or younger. Here are some of the ways youth may be affected & ways you can help. Common Behaviors of Youth Exposed to Trauma 1. When youth are exposed to a traumatic event  They depend on adults  They depend on protection  They depend on support 2. They need parents and other adults to be emotionally available to listen to them and to hear their concerns 3. Parents, teachers and others need to share accurate information with youth 4. Common behaviors  Aggression  Withdrawal  Difficulty sleeping  Dysregulation - regression 5. Youth of all ages experience stress including the stress experienced by parents and other caregivers. 6. Stress may affect their ability to regulate their behaviors and emotions. 7. Adults can buffer children from absorbing some stress that is happening around them.