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Prenatal Care

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Precious Life Prenatal Care Program
Annual Premier Club Membership $55/Year

  • Complimentary first physical exam visit

  • Complimentary flu shot

  • A designated health specialist to answer any of your questions/concerns through your pregnancy

  • Support in setting doctor's appointments

  • First time mothers Award Gift basket

  • Prenatal vitamins and medication reconciliation

  • Dietary Counseling

  • Referrals to prenatal classes, yoga, and other additional support

  • Unlimited Telemedicine until delivery

We will help you to get ready for that special day!

The Precious Life Prenatal Program is Premier Health Express prenatal program for expectant mother looking to have a healthy pregnancy experience to delivering a healthy baby.  

This involves helping with setting doctors appointments, medication management (prenatal vitamins), one-to-one dietary counseling, prenatal classes, exercise and yoga referrals for pregnant mothers, and referral to health department if needed for continued support.


Enrolling into the program is $55 a year by joining in the Premier Club. First time mothers will receive a prenatal gift basket and unlimited telemedicine calls throughout pregnancy.

Schedule online.

It's easy, fast and secure.

Pregnant women in yoga class
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