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Get the best care from the comfort of your home.


Deductibles are higher than ever. The cost of an online visit is nominal in comped to the out of pocket cost you would incur at a local emergency room.


Seeing a doctor online is convenient, secure and confidential. We use a HIPAA compliant software program that helps to protect our online conversation.


You can see a doctor online any weekday between
8am – 8pm EST. Access them through your smartphone, table, laptop or desktop.


Our doctors are board certified so you can feel at ease knowing that you are receiving treatment from a highly trained and skilled medical professional.


Are you tired with the long wait times in the emergency room or unable to travel long distances to seek care?  


Now you can see a doctor online through your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.  Our online appointments are convenient, secure, and confidential.  The cost is nominal compared to out of pocket cost at local emergency room. For $55 a year you can have unlimited Telemedicine visits, plus additional services and other discounts at Premier (CLICK HERE for more information)

To use Telemedicine is EASY:

  1. Become a member

  2. Request an appointment 

  3. Someone will get in touch with you